Crashlytics + Github + Gmail + Slack crash management workflow

In WalletSaver we have a pretty cool crash reporting workflow.

The android app relies on crashlytics (now to detect and report crashes. Although I’m not 100% in love with the crashlytics android sdk (mainly because it wants to be installed by the IDE and tries to do some magic) the service is pretty good.

Whenever a crash occurs the crashlytics catches it (and lets the app crash), sends a report to the crashlytics servers. Similar crashes are correctly grouped the majority of times which is really useful as you can quickly see the biggest problems.

alt text

alt text

From crashlytics we have set up an integration with github where an issue is automatically created whenever a crash occurs. This forces the android developer (me) to not ignore the crash.

github issue

To quickly know that the problem occurred (we aren’t always refreshing crashlytics or github issues page) we have two other integrations. The first one is with slack, the communication channel were the whole team is always present.

github slack integration

The second integration is via email. We get an email for each new issue created in github issues.

gmail github issue

gmail github issue integration

This is an amazing, easy to set up workflow for your managing your crashes. Not that crashes happen that often… right??