Clojure transducers quick example

Small example of clojure transducers
Labels: clojure

HTTpie examples

Small cheatsheet containing examples on how to use HTTPie (curl replacement)
Labels: clojure

Clojure tutorial part 3 - Channels, go blocks and SSE events

Dive in how to use channels and go blocks to do async programming in clojure
Labels: clojure

Makefile to run a clojure app in docker

Learn how to create a Makefile that runs a clojure app
Labels: docker, bash, clojure

Clojure tutorial part 2 - Setup web server with Stuart Sierra's components

In this tutorial we will learn how to use Yada web library in conjunction with Stuart Sierra's Component framework
Labels: clojure

Clojure tutorial - boot, basic functions and how to do REST requests

Tutorial on the basics of clojure. Learn how to start a repl with boot, how to use basic functional functions like map and reduce, and finally how to do http requests to a REST API.
Labels: clojure

Change screen resolution to something working from the command line

Sometimes I setup a single external monitor output on my laptop. When I take the laptop home I disconnect the monitor and forget then how to turn back the laptop monitor.
Labels: bash

Tutorial on clojure agents and channels

Tutorial on how to use clojure agents and channels with a small benchmark at the end
Labels: clojure

Start docker container at boot using systemd

You can use systemd to start docker containers whenever a system boots up. This can be extremely useful if you are creating autoscale images for AWS.
Labels: docker, AWS

Reduce png image size

Quick tutorial on how to reduce size of png images without any loss of quality.
Labels: bash

How to setup SSL for github custom domain

If you are hosting your website in github and using a custom domain then your SSL certificate will not work. But you can use cloudfare for free and solve this problem.
Labels: github

Configure host and port when starting clojure's boot

Using clojure's boot inside a docker container means you need to configure and expose the correct port for your repl server. Here's how to do it.
Labels: clojure, docker

Terraform in docker inside another docker

Docker recursion: How to create containers with terraform on a docker inside another docker. Useful to quickly test terraform without having to use AWS or similar.
Labels: docker, AWS

Useful gitconfig configurations and aliases

A quick summary of my git aliases. These shortcuts speed up your normal workflow and help you use git better.
Labels: git

Use boto to interact with AWS

One of the best things on AWS is that everything is can be managed by an API. In this post we will use boto to interact with AWS in python, create several ec2 instances, configure a vpc and a rds database.
Labels: python, aws

Crashlytics + Github + Gmail + Slack crash management workflow

Short explanation on my crash management workflow for the android app of
Labels: android

Setup private VPN on the cloud

See how to quickly setup an openVpn container using docker and how to configure a Linux client to use that VPC
Labels: docker, bash

Unable to connect to EC2 instance in custom VPC

Important lesson: When creating EC2 instance on custom VPCs, if you are unable to ssh to them, blame the gateway...
Labels: docker, aws

How to do a personal webpage in Github

While Creating the blog with Jekkil I noticed that it is possible to do a really nice personal website

Back online

After so many years, let's try to have a blog again...